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23 Mayfield

When HJR Tax first contacted me via phone I was extremely sceptical due to the call out of the blue. But after speaking to Thomas Roberts he explained that HJR can offer me a conversation with a previous local client in the area and was more that happy to converse with my accountant, and explained the HJR service to him.
Due to this my scepticism at first disappeared and I was happy to accept a no obligation call from the specialist. The specialist was incredibly helpful and detailed exactly what I was entitled to.
Throughout the whole process of the claim HJR maintained great professionalism, and I have now built a good relationship with Thomas Roberts. HJR also offered me a great reference deal for any possible clients I suggest. I would recommend anyone with a commercial property to at least take the no obligation call with the specialist, as from my point of view, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Mr Birnie, 23 Mayfield