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Unlock thousands of pounds in cash rebates and tax savings for your clients before they sell of their entitlement could be lost forever!


Did you know? Before selling their property, your clients are entitled to claim a specialist tax relief on the embedded fixtures that were acquired with the purchase of  their building.
This is because UK Tax legislation determines that, if a property is used for business purpose, tax relief can be claimed on a proportion of the purchase price that relates to the 'Embedded Fixtures' acquired with the building, even if the property was purchased a long time ago or if the original fittings have been repaired or replaced. This tax relief is called Capital Allowances. For most properties we expect to find between 25% and 40% of the original purchase price in unidentified Capital Allowances.

As capital allowances specialists we can help your clients unlock these hidden tax savings. 
It doesn't matter if the property was purchased recently or historically, or even if the building was not formerly a business property. 

80% of business property owners have not yet made a capital allowances claim and may lose their right to claim when the property is sold! Your client's could be entitled to thousands of pounds and it's likely they don't even know about it! There is no better time to claim than prior to selling.


 Your client can claim on items that were embedded in the building when it was purchased such as:

  • Electrical and heating systems
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Ventilation systems
  • Flooring
  • Alarms and security systems
  • Counters and receptions

    As this legislation is complex, it requires a team of tax experts and surveying specialists and is not something their accountant would have already claimed, unless they used a Capital Allowances firm like ourselves.


Why partner with HJR Tax? 

Why trust HJR Tax with your clients?

    - No win, No fee. No fixed or upfront costs. We take any fees from HMRC rebates.
    - We have a 100% success rate on HMRC submitted claims
    - We offer a FREE, No obligation property survey
    - Our process is fully compliant with UK Tax legislation
 We have had unprecendented success agreeing claims for other business owners. Our team can provide a FREE property valuation and prepare an estimate of the tax refund your clients could receive.
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