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Our TFPI Process

Working with HJR means you get a better understanding of what a scheme provides and you'll likely end up with better premiums, better cover and expert advice to safeguard your business - what more could you want from a specialist review of your TFPI requirements.

Our service varies according to your needs; however, the process would usually start with a fee-based consulting session with our TFPI expert and this is where our service adds real value for you. In every instance where we have conducted a scheme review and feedback report, the end result has been a greatly improved package and a policy that matches the particular needs of the practice and at a lower cost! 


For more information, contact our TFPI specialist Mike Scales:  

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What can you expect from a TFPI review with HJR?


During the initial session, our expert will draw from you details about your claims profile, the insurers policy, technical data required for underwriting purposes, how your firm operates the scheme and what challenges you face. In this way we can make a comprehensive evaluation of your requirements.


We will review your existing policy, if one is in place, to scrutinise what is good, unnecessary or relevant to your practice as far as the insurers package is concerned.


A bespoke feedback report gives you direct, personalised results of your scheme situation and you will also receive a detailed review of the main providers in the TFPI market, thus providing a better understanding of what is available in comparison to your existing scheme. We check your existing premiums against your claims profile, thus providing a value-for-money equation for consideration.

Recommendation & Implementation 

Dependent on the analysis, we will make a recommendation to renew with the existing insurer with certain proviso’s, or potentially recommend a new scheme to be considered that will ensure you are paying less than before but without compromising cover; saving both you and your client’s money and possibly also making additional profit out of the scheme for your practice.


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