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R&D Tax Relief

With so many accountants and specialist companies offering R&D tax advisory services, how do you know if your advisor is any good and why do you work with them? Whilst some are more experienced than others, and some might specialise in a certain sector due to the how their client base has evolved, but at the end of the day you want to work with someone because you like them, trust them and have confidence in how they can help you and your business and not put it at risk.
You can be guaranteed the highest level of service at HJR Tax, ensuring your claim is prepared as efficiently as possible whilst also being robustly defendable against HMRC scrutiny. HJR Tax will never promise to increase your claim, however will ensure that every qualifying activity within your business is captured and claimed for. 
Whether you are looking to make your first claim or are already claiming, by partnering with HJR Tax you can be assured that you will receive expert advice at every turn. With experience in helping businesses understand the scheme and set up internal processes to make future claims more efficient as well as improving claim methodology and HMRC enquiry defence, HJR Tax has the experience to help your business and clients. 
The scheme requires a competent professional is involved in each R&D project, so make sure you work with one. Before reading the detail below, ask yourself these questions?
  • Have I developed or improved a product, process or material in the past few years?
  • Despite a knowledgeable and technical team behind you, was everything you worked on straight forward?
  • Were industry standard methods not suitable, either commercially or practically?
  • Did a project overrun or go over budget?
  • Are you trying to replicate a competitors existing technique, product or service?


If you answered yes to any of the above, or even if your not sure, then its worth reading the below and having a conversation with us.
Download our R&D Tax Overview leaflet for more info 



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