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Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

HJ & R Tax Solutions specialise in making capital allowances claims on properties within the hospitality sector.  

We focus specifically on owner managed

  • Hotels, Guest Houses
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Pubs, Restaurants
  • Furnished Holiday Let properties. 

In fact, Bed & Breakfasts properties equate to almost two thirds of the claims we make for our clients.

Whilst many of the UK’s leading hotel chains regularly benefit from the tax reliefs available via capital allowances, HJ & R’s experience is that many independent Hotels and Bed & Breakfast owners have never made a claim on the valuable fixtures they acquire with their property. 

HJ & R’s market research concluded that at least 70% of Bed & Breakfast owners have not made a claim on their property or had any idea that the claim could be made. 


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Commercial Property Acquisitions Claims

If you own a commercial property and can say yes to the following questions, you could be due a tax rebate from HMRC

Did you buy a commercial property before 1 April 2014?*

Did you pay over £150,000 to purchase the property?

Have you paid tax in the UK in the last 2 years?

* you may still be able to claim if you bought after 1 April 2014, please get in contact

Why Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts?

Hotels Commercial Property Claims

A major pitfall that many Hotel & Bed & Breakfast owners fall into is that they rely on their accountant to know everything about tax relief, and leave it to them. The truth is that they often don’t. Many accountants would be the first to admit this, and specialist companies working in the arena of capital allowances are required to make the claim and will often work hand-in-hand with the accountant to complete a claim.

Independent Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts properties have, however, been neglected by the major capital allowances practices due to the relatively low purchase prices and tax paid by the property owners.  HJ & R Tax Solutions business model is to make capital allowances accessible and affordable for all and specifically target those properties that have never had the opportunity to make a claim, until now. 


The Technical Tax Bit!  

Hotels Commercial Property Claims

In a time where tax avoidance and evasion is heavily scrutinised and rightly regarded by society as unfair and immoral, many of the property owners we contact have been sceptical of the service we provide and the tax savings we promise.  However, our claims are based on long standing UK tax legalisation (‘Capital Allowances Act 2001’), it is not a tax scheme or any form of tax avoidance.  UK taxpayers have the same right to claim capital allowances on the kitchen you purchased with your commercial property as they would on a fridge freezer or cooker (assuming the qualifying criteria is met). 

Below are links to some relevant technical guidance issued by HM Revenue & Customs:

Unfortunately, not all property and owners meet the criteria to make a claim, but those that do, can realise significant tax repayments and future tax savings


Why HJ & R Tax Solutions?

HJ & R Tax Solutions have a proven track record of agreeing claims with HMRC for Hotel and Bed & Breakfast owners.  HJ & R have made claims for Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts properties from all around the UK and have developed a methodology and blueprint that enables us to prepare and agree claims swiftly with HMRC. 

We have a network of very happy customers all over the UK.  There is a good chance we have someone in your area who can share their experience with you.

Most importantly, we work on a completely contingent fee basis.  There are no upfront costs or hidden fixed fees.  If a claim is not successful, you don’t pay us anything!  It really is that simple.

Let us help you unlock the tax savings available to you.

Want to find out if you qualify?

A member of our team would be pleased to speak with you to explain the claims and process in more detail and run through some basic questions to determine if you qualify. 

Please email us with your contact details at or call your local office.

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