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Honeypot Guest House & Tearoom

Purchase price £359,500
Capital Allowances claim £90,168
Total tax savings £26,100

When we bought our café and guest house in 2008 we had no idea that integral features such as hot water or electrical systems could be valued for capital allowance purposes, nor did our accountant have the specialist taxation and surveying skills to provide such a valuation, hence we learned and gained nothing.

With hardly any involvement…

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23 Mayfield

When HJR Tax first contacted me via phone I was extremely sceptical due to the call out of the blue. But after speaking to Thomas Roberts he explained that HJR can offer me a conversation with a previous local client in the area and was more that happy to converse with my accountant, and explained the HJR service to him.
Due to this my scepticism at first disappeared and I was happy to accept a no obligation call from the specialist. The specialist was incredibly helpful…

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Daisy Day Care Nursery

Purchase price £190,000
Capital Allowances claim £51,255
Total tax savings £14,863

"I must say I was sceptical at first. But after I clarified the service with my accountant I was very pleasantly surprised that I was in a position to claim this tax back. I am very happy that HJR Tax was so willing to speak to my accountant directly as the scepticism on my side could have potentially hindered the deal. But they were happy to go…

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Dalmore Lodge

Purchase price £560,000
Capital Allowances claim £139,206
Total tax savings £40,370

"Whilst I was a little sceptical at first upon hearing about the embedded capital allowances, after a little investigation by my accountant, I am so glad I proceeded. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to go ahead with HJR and reap the benefits offered by their proposition.

The whole process is made very easy, with their expertise…

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Hollingworth Lake Bed & Breakfast

Purchase price - £252,500
Capital Allowances claim - £85,487
Total tax savings - £17,091

"The service was great. Joshua was fantastic. The communication was excellent. All in all, happy with the service, and I got some money back!"

Christine Firth Hollingworth Lake Bed & Breakfast

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Rose Cottage

Purchase Price - £515,000
Capital Allowances claim - £134,154
Total tax saving - £30k

"You did what you said you were going to do. Our accountant hadn’t dealt with this before. So, the service is something we wouldn’t have known about if you hadn’t called. Very surprising. something back for nothing. It didn’t seem to add up at first as we were very skeptical. But in the end it did so that’s that. I am happy with the service."

Ruth Rose…

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Glebe House

Purchase price - £800,000
Capital Allowances claim - £229,545
Total tax saving - £60k

"The service was amazing. I didn’t realize we could make that sort of a claim. My accountant had heard about it before. but didn’t know how to pursue it, and he likely would never have said anything about it. If it wasn’t for your call, we probably wouldn’t have gotten it. The service was done really quickly, happy with the immediate relief.…

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Purchase price £290,000
Capital Allowances claim £66,373 
Total tax savings £18k

"The service went really well. The company was very easy to deal with.  It wasn’t made complicated at all. Everything was explained plainly. You’re alright and everything has gone really well with no problems. I would definately recommend".

Martin Number 9

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Number One

We’ve just completed a very successful capital allowances claim from HMRC with the help of HJR Tax.  In fact, I’m still slightly surprised at how easy and successful it was. I was extremely wary at first, we all get so many cold calls with apparently wonderful things on offer and usually I cut them dead at the first possible moment but Thomas Roberts and Jay Hogan were more than willing to answer all my questions – big or small – and actively encouraged me to talk it over with our accountants…

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